Studio 338 - Re-Opening Party - Part 2

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  • Over 12 months after we shut our doors and dancefloors, this is set to be one of the most memorable parties of our lifetimes. The first chance to once again come together and dance. The first chance to release ourselves from the restrictions which we have lived under for a year.....the first chance to be free again Expect the biggest production we have ever attempted, a huge line-up and some very emotional scenes The moment we have all been waiting for is almost here! This party kicks off our 10 week celebration of life in Greenwich and the dates are based on the latest government statements regarding an end to social distancing restrictions happening after Easter 2021. Please bear in mind though that the 10 week program has been designed as a movable block of parties.....meaning that the whole schedule can be moved backward (or indeed forwards if we are lucky) if there are external factors which mean the parties are delayed (or can happen earlier) Think of it as buying a space in your favourite party, with a very likely date. We do, however, advise against booking travel or accommodation just yet. We will keep you updated with regard to full confirmation of these dates. These will not be 'Socially distanced' events. This means that they will only go ahead if we are allowed to dance, with the music played at usual levels and no restrictions stating that you must stay within in a specific area (ie not tables/bubbles, etc) Last entry 2am
  • Studio 338 - Re-Opening Party - Part 2 - Flyer front