Positive Education Festival #5

  • Finally ! After a year and a half of crisis, the rebirth, at last. We had believed so much in the 2020's edition, we had planned it, prepared a plan B, imagined every possibility... And then, nothing. We had hoped for a postponed event, and it's here, finally, all shiny at the end of the tunnel. We're now back after a very quiet period that allowed us to perfect this new round, to rethink a lot of things about it and to grow up. We often hear these days about a supposed « new world » after the pandemic. If there is such a thing, we want this world open minded and inclusive. From the futuristic hip hop frontiers of Shygirl to the experimental and imaginary horizons of Carbon Based Lifeforms, Imer6ia or Azu Tiwaline, we follow the long journey we started in 2015. It's a voyage in which the critical deepness of Crystallmess or Aho Ssan cross path with the radiant fury of LSDXOXO, Eris Drew and Octo Octa. This year, let's fall together in abysses of radical and daring bass music alongside Pessimist, Flore and Zoë Mc Pherson, let's take an electro turn in Salome and Aquarian's interstellar loops, and enjoy the live acts of Tamburi Neri and Jonnnah. Music that dreams, music that thinks, music that lives and unites. This time we join force with the Groupe d'Entraide Mutuelle of Saint Etienne, an association working with people with handicap, in order to propose a day party session fully accessible for them. Because music is everyones' good, and everyone should have access to its live form. Aside from the dancefloor, Laurent Garnier will come to present his film “Off The Record” at the cinema Le Méliès. There will also be a special day for kids with Djing and music production workshops. For this rebirth edition, we've also re-imagined our favorite fortress of stone, metal and glass. The Manufacture District will thereby be shaped and transformed by the Ascidiacea crew, providing both scenography, installations and visual acts in resonance with the soul of the venue. Of course, as you can imagine, every safety and sanitary rule will be respected without breaking the special atmosphere of this enchanting moment. Finally, here we are. A historical pandemic hasn't torn apart neither the passion nor the music. The Positive Education crew still lives on and will celebrate its ten years of activity in february of 2022. The mighty PEF still stands, this haven at the heart of Saint Etienne, and we really, really look forward to see you there again.
  • Positive Education Festival #5 - Flyer front