Foundations Jungle Party

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    Alex Slime, Drumwork, Jungalice, Movement
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  • Friday at Patterns > Foundations Jungle is a genre that’s very close to our hearts, and has a rich history that’s kept people dancing for decades. Originating as an off-shoot from the rise in rave music in the late 80’s, jungle takes its roots from artists who chose to experiment with breakbeats rather than opting for the classic 4-4 kick. Over time, this sound grew in popularity, and also grew in speed - starting off at 120-140bpm, what we now know as hardcore and breaks, the sound evolved with drums turning up the tempo and moving even further from 4-4 kicks, into what we now know as jungle. The leading musically led weekly night in the city. Encapsulating the best of Brighton's local talent, up-and-coming producers and DJs, whilst functioning as a bedrock for the scene. Foundations work with the best local promoters to provide a fully fun and accessible night for Brighton's ravers. With a focus on UK music, high production values and a rounded nightclub experience, this crew are cementing themselves as the number one go-to for Friday nights in Brighton.
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