Engage Audio presents The Big Dance

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  • This is THE BIG DANCE. Engage Audio invites you to get off your seat and DANCE for the first time in recent memory - and what better way to get back into the swing of things than with a 6 arena, day, and night event at The Cause. We are getting back to our roots with a fully immersive festival experience, set across the 6 main areas of The Cause, with label takeovers and huge line-ups from 2 pm till 6 am. This will be our first event without any restrictions, and we cant wait to see The Cause packed out with ravers in their natural habitat - dancing from the afternoon, right through until morning. THE CAUSE Engage Audio started doing events over 2 years ago, with our first party at the Cause. Since then, we have made the venue our home and have watched the space grow and develop from what was a 2 room warehouse venue into a huge, multi-area party complex. This event not only signifies a return to normality for the country but is also a very proud moment for us as a label and promoter to be able to throw a huge event like this across all of the different areas now available at this amazing London venue. A huge thanks to the team for their help over the past year and to all of the people who came to our socially distanced, seated events during the pandemic. This event is for you! TICKETS Tickets are available from Resident Advisor with early bird tickets just £20. Further ticket bands and packages will be available in the coming weeks.
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