[shallow Deep house] ※morning / Charge Free

  • ---------------------------- -shallow deep house- ぼやけたミラーボール、まばらな集客、一体感の無いダンスフロア。 blurred mirror ball, sparse people, dance floor without a sense of unity. ---------------------------- 初めて行く、知り合いがいない。 first time / no friends [ [email protected] ] ※no mail OK ---------------------------- 2021-02-23 (TUE) charge free (open bar, no bring in drink) 6:00-10:00 (morning style) naturalkamakura & hiroce (change, every 30 minutes) ---------------------------- -party style- foolish dope ---------------------------- -sound- https://naturalkamakura.seesaa.net https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n5Vt4a5kgimEYDnJ49u6_VN_ymoivPAK/view daphnia soundsystem with shallow deep house essence today, not powerful sounds, mild dope dancing flavor... ----------------------------
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