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  • It’s time to celebrate again with some drinks and cheer come, join us as we welcome the new year. Let’s have a blast this New Year’s Day and see the fireworks from the rooftop at 12 am and step with us into 2021. We will bring you through night with 10 DJ's and we're dancing until sunrise! Fasten your seatbelt and be a part of our epic New Year's Party. _____ ☻ ZAK (UK) Born and raised in Liverpool, Zak spent his early clubbing years partying across Europe’s dance floors meaning his electronic music tastes have been shaped by 4 to the floor drums and rolling bass lines. Now heavily influenced by the Romanian underground scene, Zak’s ability to seamlessly switch between groovy micro house and stripped back dub techno to bouncy minimal house allows him to create a sound that reflects the set and setting of the venue he’s playing. Whether it be a chilled-out warm up affair or a bouncy peak time party, Zak’s sets are never lacking in groove. ☻ MYHERO (Mugic / US) An avid vinyl collector, music fanatic and deejay, MyHero (a.k.a. Jordan Bates) has been actively playing parties, lounges, hotels, restaurants and clubs across the USA and Asia for more than 15 years and is part of the Mugic collective of deejays and party promoters. MyHero’s focus has always been selecting the right music for the moment, drawing from very eclectic influences across the music spectrum and across eras. In the end for MyHERO it's all about great music, good friends and making fantastic memories. ☻ TRISTYAN (Vitamin D, The Lighthouse / AU) Originally from Sydney, Australia and based in HCMC, Việt Nam since 2013. Tristyan is the Co-Founder/ Resident DJ of The Lighthouse Saigon, Vitamin D After Party and PlusONE Creative Community. Since being based in Ho Chi Min City Tristyan has been DJing and promoting events in the local scene for over 5 years and has held residencies at some of Saigon's most respected and disrespected locations. Known for his sometimes marathon 18-hour sets, and an eclectic range of musical styles and influences. His versatility, and sometimes quirky left of centre tastes has enabled him to bring a fresh and unique flavour to all his sets. ☻ SMUDGE (Banana Hustle / Hazy Lemons / UK) One of Saigon's Party freaks, founder of Banana Hustle and Hazy Lemons, Smudge is a purveyor of eclectic beats and globetrotting rhythms. Jumping from Afro-Boogie to Latin-Funk, from Dub to Dancehall, from Mellow Grooves to Mighty Beats, this enigmatic DJ will get your knees wobbling and booty shaking. Back in England he ran Tropical and Chillout club nights and parties all over London with crews including Love Carnival, Total Refreshment Centre and Flamingods, Smudge has been bringing his search for the perfect boogie to Saigon for the last 2 years, joining the Saigon Dub Station and Wat a Gwaan family, building Hazy Lemons and Banana Hustle and playing across the city and VN. Expect to groove, move, get up, and get down to genre jumping mixes for your body, mind and soul! You never quite know what your going to get with The Banana Freak. ☻ STEFFEN SONNENSCHEIN ( Miteinander Musik, The Lighthouse / DE) Steffen is born and raised in East Berlin beginning of the '80s. His first touches with electronic music were thru his uncle, who worked in a club called "WM 66" at the end of the '90s. He also started to produce and playing records in clubs back then, when Techno became the new revolution of Berlin. In 2019 Steffen left his hometown and moved to Ho-Chi-Minh City. In Vietnam, Steffen released on local labels called Holy Grail Music and Pink Room Records and played at The Lighthouse, The Observatory, and Savage. Steffen has since become a solid figure of the local scene in Vietnam and his tracks and DJ Sets stand out, due to its saturated bass complimented with matured deep beats. This transcendence between techno, deep house, and disco creates an individuating innovating style. ☻ MTXIII (Electronic Imports / US) Having spent his youth riding enduro motocross & playing guitar in a metal band, it wasn't until later that he was captivated by Electronic music. After years of pulling dance-floor marathons in the San Francisco underground, in 2016 the decision was made to relocate to Asia and pursue a career on the other side of the booth. Deeply rooted in the realms of Techno & Electro though playing a wide range of styles, MTXIII (M-T-Thirteen) can be found regularly around Saigon playing Vitamin D, Lighthouse, The Observatory, WAM, Arcan & ZigZagger; as well as regional appearances in Hanoi, Hoi An, Taipei, Bangkok, and Manila. Co-founder & conductor of Electronic Imports, he & Jonathan BE curate multifaceted events around the city, often incorporating multiple sectors of art to accompany the sonic perceptions of featured DJs as well as live acts. ☻ JONATHAN-BE (Electronic Imports, The Lighthouse / FR) Co-founder of Electronic imports, is a Belgian Dj based in Vietnam since 2016. An addict of modulated dry white noised snares (shhhh) fetishist &over-driven bass drums (krrr), his non-academic way of operating the blender fits his sound texture & complex dynamics based approach. Well known in Saigon for his insane pop up at the infamous Vitamin D after-party, he plays weekly along local and international artists in reputable places: The Observatory, Arcan, The LightHouse, Schiller Saigon and beyond. As an enthusiast producer, the next step will be to integrate live elements and release his own tracks… Stay tuned ! ☻ DJ Roberto (End Of All Times / UK) Originally born in Bermuda, before moving to the UK at an early age. During his teens developed a passion for electronic music artists such as Kraftwerk and the British electronic pop groups of the time. Then when the Balearic and Acid House scene arrived it was love at first listen. A regular of parties such as Funkatrium, Better Days, Tonka, and Moist (DJ Harvey) in the early 90s and then via trips to the USA, party crews such as Wicked on the West Coast and Shelter in NYC. In between attending parties, a serious vinyl habit developed with weekly sorties to central London record shops such as Black Market, Fatcat and others. Additionally, picking up more vinyl in digging expeditions to NYC, Detroit and the West Coast. Then there were living detours via Copenhagen and Berlin before landing in Saigon around 2011. Then on the arrival of a certain Mr Dan Bi Mong in Vietnam becomes a regular attendee and occasional selector at the Optimist Club (pre Observatory) and sometimes at the Observatory in early days. Moved around Vietnam living in Hoi An, Da Nang and Hanoi before moving to Bangkok in 2015. ☻ DESNUAGES (Microclimat / FR) Born in Paris in 80’s, Desnuages was immersed in music growing up with his mother dancer. Percussionist autodidact, he learn to play Darbouka and Djembe. Attracted by the Parisian night, he was quickly interested by the electronic scene and used to go to Concrete, Rex club with DJ friends where he discover micro house, deep and minimal. He moved to Saigon in Vietnam in 2018 where he started to learn Djing with Dj friends and was resident at Arcan Club. ☻ BOOTYBEN (FR) Ben aka Bootyben has always been involved in music since his teenage (in the 90’s). He is a former drummer, hip-hop, funk & house DJ, promoter and club owner. Bootyben is known for his high energy sets, blending Booty Bass, GhettoTech, Tribe, Jungle and many more.
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