[Postponed] Torus with SO & OCCA at Concrete Hakuba


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[Postponed] Torus with SO & OCCA at Concrete Hakuba

Sat, 30 Jan
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    Techno party that you all experience the sense of "In Praise of Shadows" vis-a-vis Japanese aesthetics. ══════════════════ Lineup: DJ SO OCCA Taku Hirayama Bahstid Neon Noir Devon
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  • ══════════════════ 東京からはスキー&温泉付きのバスツアーを開催! バスツアーチケット購入は下記サイトからアクセスください。 We have the bus tour from Tokyo to Hakuba with skiing/onsen option. For tour ticket purchase, please access below: https://busket.net/tourgroups/torus20210130 Advance ticket: 2,500 yen (20 guests only ) With Flyer (Press 'going'): 3,000 yen Door: 3,500 yen ══════════════════ (English follows Japanese) 東京都内でシークレットパーティー”Torus”が白馬Concreteに帰還。日本全土に点在する素晴らしいアーティストを招待し、雪国の地で「陰翳礼讃」をテーマに置く企画となっている。雪国ならではの灰色に覆われた街、しんしんと降り積もる雪、どこまでも視界を遮る漆黒の闇、肌にささる冷たさと湿度。雪国には、とうの昔に消えたであったろう日本の原始的な良さがある。雪国の地を通して聞くテクノ音楽に身を委ねる。便利になりすぎた都会の垢を落とし、本来の自分を取り戻すような時間を過ごしてほしい。 第4回目となるゲストには、3組が登場。Mindgames/The Labyrinthのレジデント、2016年のNachtdigital出演が話題を呼び、2019年にはResident AdvisorからPodcastをリリース、Berghainデビューを飾る等、欧州の主要クラブにも活動の場を広げているSO。札幌より、数多のDJたちが“聖地”と呼ぶ名門ヴェニュー・Precious Hallにてレジデントパーティー『Archiv』を開催し、先日のFuture Terrorでも大好評を得たOcca。香港・福岡からは、新旧様々な音楽を織り交ぜダンスミュージックを自由に解釈し、独自のトリッピーグルーヴと世界観を探求する’Taku Hirayama’が登場。 TORUSのレジデントからは、白馬Concreteでパーティー’Null’を主催し、各国で高い評価を受けるレーベルからMIXを発表予定の’Devon’。そして共演には、白馬のテクノシーンを作りあげる人物の一人であり、Peter Van Hoesen, Darren Emersonなど名だたる海外DJを白馬Concreteに招待し、自身もDJとしてフロアを沸かせる’Bahstid’。過去にドイツ大使館後援の”Berlin Gut”を共同オーガナイズ、海外の実力派ローカルDJを定期的に迎え、インターナショナルに活動する’Neon Noir’夜を彩る。 雪国の地で熱いテクノの夜が始まる。音と人々のエネルギーに溢れた"トーラス”で、記憶に刻まれる一夜を。 ══════════════════ 新型コロナウイルス感染拡大予防のため、ご来場の全てのお客様へ --手のアルコール消毒およびマスクの着用をお願いしております。 --ご来店時に受付にて検温を実施します。体温が37.5度以上の方、咳など風邪のような症状がある方はご入場をお断りする場合がございます。 --スタッフはマスクを着用しております。 --当日はマスクの着用を忘れた方に対して、マスクを無料で配布致します。 --入場者数を管理しながら営業を行うため、状況によってはご入場をお待ちいただく場合がございます。 ご協力のほどよろしくお願いします。 ══════════════════ TORUS presents a party where you can spend a night of your heart's desire, feeling the silence and beauty of the snow country, in the land of Hakuba. The city is covered with the snow and grey sky as if fading its color; the snow falls slowly, the pitch-black darkness that blocks your view everywhere, and the cold air growing sharp. Snow country is filled with the traditional essence of Japanese culture, which would have disappeared long ago. We want to show you the charm of the snow country through the event of ‘TORUS’. With the party concept of energy spectrum entitled to the name of the party and followed Japanese aesthetics, audiences will experience the new interpretation of Techno music and be invited to be a part of this dreamy, immersive night. We will have three legendary artists of Japan’s local as main guest: SO, a Mindgames/The Labyrinth residency, known for his appearance on Nachtdigital in 2016, a podcast release on Resident Advisor in 2019, and Berghain's debut; OCCA who has held a residency party ‘Archiv’ at the prestigious Precious Hall at Hokkaido and appeared at DJ NOBU’s ‘Future Terror’; A Hong Kong-based artist, Taku Hirayama who explores his own unique trippy grooves through a variety of track selections of combined vintage and recent music and known for his appearance at Berghain and Closer as well as various underground parties and raves in Asia. Alongside with three special acts, we have Devon who will release her new mix from reputable label and also act as TORUS resident DJ. For co-stars, we invite Bahstid, one of the leading figures in the Hakuba techno scene, who has invited famous international DJs such as Peter Van Hoesen and Darren Emerson to Hakuba, and elevating the mood of dance floor himself as well. We also have Neon Noir who co-hosts ‘Berlin Gut’ supported by German Embassy and actively played gigs in the international scene. The party is coming back; enjoy a swirling spectrum of insanity of Japanese aesthetics through each artist’s sound at the night of TORUS. ══════════════════ In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, we kindly ask all visitors: - To disinfect your hands with alcohol; - To refrain yourself from coming to the party, if you have symptoms of a cold, fever or cough; - Temperatures will be checked at the entrance. Guests who are found to have a fever of 37.5℃ or higher will be refused entry; - All staff members wear masks; - Restriction of the number of guests in order to prevent overcrowding.. Please note. Thank you for your cooperation. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor. Notes: - Please do not post about the venue on any social media; - We do not have guest list; - Smoking is allowed only at terrace on second floor; - There is no coin locker at the venue. Keep your valuables safe; - While enjoying yourself, please care for others as well.
  • [Postponed] Torus with SO & OCCA at Concrete Hakuba - Flyer front
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