Beatport x No Shade

  • "We are hyped to be able to take part with this No Shade stream for Beatport in the times of Covid, streaming from the location of Factory Berlin where we are currently doing our artist residency. Now that lockdowns and regulations are tightening again, we are happy to have an opportunity to offer some relief from the current pressures by bringing you the diverse range of sounds and DJs that is emblematic of our collective." No Shade was founded in 2017, not as a party, but as a training program to bring more women, trans- and non-binary DJs into the scene and provide a platform to help them get professional bookings. The collective has in the years since its founding expanded into working with sound, lights, visuals, 3D-scanning, merch and event production in addition to their original DJ rooster and training program. Like many other collectives, No Shade are fundamentally intersectional in their thinking, aiming to bring together artists of all different sexual, gender and ethnic identities. The lack of representation of people like them on club lineups reflects a deeper sense of marginalization on the societal level, but they believe that dancefloors are a space that can be molded and shaped – not only to make dancing more accessible and safer, but to push the rest of society towards their egalitarian ideals.
  • Beatport x No Shade - Flyer front