Deadstream 28: Doesitbang Takeover

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    Lucy Stoner, Neurolynx, DJ Please, Grlgod, Rivs
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  • | Immersive virtual warehouse | visual art quest & gallery | aggressive booty music | DoesitBANG? have been smashing it through lockdown bringing DJ's and viewers together from both sides of the Atlantic for an ecclectic, meme filled, internet party that definitely does bang. We are pleased to welcome Lucy Stoner, Rivs, DJ Please, Neurolynx and Grlgod to join us in the freepvrty virtual warehouse where we will also have an art exhibtion, art quest, VJ's, pixel graffiti and some video of the resident art gang making various bits and bats. You can watch the stream on the is dead page or join us in freepvrty for some interactive fun. If you are intending on joining us in freepvrty, you will need to register on first.
  • Deadstream 28: Doesitbang Takeover - Flyer front