Nondual Opening Concert

  • Co-curated by label and arts platform Raster, with support from ∄, the Concert Hall hosts a distinctive concert series within the context of its first exhibition - NONDUAL. For this inaugural performance in the Concert Hall, live electronics from NONDUAL creator Albert van Abbe are enhanced by delicate prepared notes by Nene H on Grand Piano. In layered unison, the duo carries the interpretive impression drafted behind them across a colossal digital canvas, as generative visuals perpetually reinvent themselves. This is not a typical A/V show, but instead a concert reimagined as an immersive synesthetic world. While the concert between musicians demarcates the exhibitions first public viewing, it’s role is twofold. The recording of the night is indexed as sonic medium, sourced by the work itself for the next month as it perpetually generates new material from the initial live session. In parallel to the haptic generative visuals developed in conjunction with Studio ANF, the Concert Hall will seem to infinitely echo the initial sound of this concert. DOORS 19:00 CONCERT: 20:00 Pre-sale only / limited capacity! Albert van Abbe [Semantica] - LIVE Nene H [Standard Deviation] - LIVE Voin Oruwu - LIVE ---------------------------------------------------------- NONDUAL by Albert Van Abbe is an audiovisual installation which utilizes generative audio and visual technology to create an extended, abstract and boundless concert experience; a non-present performance carries the improvisational beauty of generative technologies. Developed in parallel to the upcoming release on Raster of the same name, NONDUAL is a multi-sensory contemplation on the synergy of shape, form, colour and sound. NONDUAL 29.10 - 27.11.2020 Kyrylivska 41 Opening days: Tuesday - Sunday ---------------------------------------------------------- ПОМІЖ 2020 ∄ Currently, uncertainty and the lack of any reliable predictions for the near future are challenging us to find and test new methods for operating in this contemporary reality. ПОМІЖ 2020 at ∄ is an open-ended season of events and programme, which experiments with how we can envision a different, meaningful and sustainable future for the community of visual as well as musical artists. Within this upcoming season, we will try new event formats and adapt them to the current circumstances, share resources of information and collaboration to foster global solidarity and mutual support in these turbulent times.
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