Postponed - Palmbomen II - ADE

  • The Dutch Government has taken extra measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, this event is postponed until further notice. We hope we can welcome you soon for this programme in a safe way. ============= On Sunday, October 25th, Palmbomen II plays a show in Paradiso Noord for a maximum of 86 visitors. As this show is with seating only, the producer will play an adjusted set that is suitable for the new concert setting. Kai Hugo is a real artist, someone who makes music to dance to, but music that is constructed like a proper song with a real narrative. Whether making it for the club, at home or a film, it is his quest for unusual harmonies and absorbing grooves that stands him apart, as well as his complimentary work in video clips and 3D animation. He works with a minimal toolset, often on tape, so he can focus on structure and emotion rather than production. As a live artist he is the same: someone who puts his collection of old synths into storytelling mode and sets off into a surrealist yet welcoming unknown.
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