Valmann Fridays with DJ Fagunds

  • DJ FAGUNDS (Lissabon) Free Entry 9PM - 04AM DJ and producer, FAGUNDS has been making his way into electronic music with great technical knowledge and live sets that do not leave anyone standing still. Natural of Boca do Rio, one of the largest favelas in Salvador, he carries in his identity the batuques (drumming) of the popular music and the the heat of the brazilian dances. He performs presentations full of effects and mashups. After the DJ course, in one of the best DJ schools in Sydney, Australia; Fagunds understood that he had a gift and did not waste time in improving his knowledge, graduating in Music Production at SAE Institute, also in Australia. It was in this country that he began his career playing Ivy Pool Club, one of the most famous Australian club. Already in Portugal, where he currently resides, he has been featured in dozens of parties in several prestigious venues such as Europa Clubing. His talent for Tech House has sparked the watchful eye of record labels such as Deep Bear, who has signed a contract with him to release their upcoming singles. Fagunds, proud to be a black DJ, increasingly wins his spot in a market dominated by race and social class different from his own, but with his talent makes it clear that he knows how to handle the clues and the scene.
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