Music Of Many Colours

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    Studio: DJ Wada (Co-Fusion | Dirreta) Dazzle Drums (Block Party | Green Parrot Recording) SHOWHEY (4K) -Dancer's Showcase- ダーリンSAEKO & YACHEEMI (From G.G.C) TERM-INAL -Dancer's Session- Kyo (VIBEPAK) NYON (Oak) Jasmine (Mnchr-m) KEIN KENSHU (LunaticK) Rey (Bounce Back) [Dancer Planning] million SITUATION [Lighting] Machida (LSW) Contact: Satoshi Matsui (NO HOUSE? | R.S.A) Kengo (Block Party | NO HOUSE?) Phenol (RICEBALL | yygcru) HEAVEN (DISCOVERY) Foyer: [Record Shop] Turntable [Food] BAHAMA KITCHEN
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  • 『東京アンダーグラウンド・ハウスの日常を凝縮するMOMC第10回開催』 時代と地域に囚われずに多種多彩な音楽表現を詰め込んだダンスミュージックを追求するDazzle Drumsが主催するハウス・パーティ、Music Of Many Colours。Studioフロアの今回のゲストDJは、30年以上のキャリアで日本のテクノ・シーンを牽引し、現在Co-Fusionを再始動、若手東京ローカルDJ達からの信頼も厚いDJ WADA。長いキャリアに裏付けられたディスコを基軸とした特別なセットを披露。ダンスショウケースは、異彩とセンスが度を超えすぎて世界の心を鷲掴みにするダーリンSAEKO&YACHEEMIと、ハウス・ダンサー界でチームとしても個々としても確実な存在感と地位を築くTERM-INALが登場。ダンサーズセッションは長きにわたってMOMCのダンスフロアを彩ってきたメンバーを中心に構成。ハウスミュージックならではのアプローチと各々のスタイルの交差を楽しんでいただきたい。Contactフロアのゲストはデトロイトを起点としハウス、テクノを幅広くプレイするSatoshi Matsui。また東京のアンダーグラウンド・ハウスをサポートするMOMCレギュラーDJ陣のプレイも楽しんで頂きたい。コロナ禍が生み出したクラブ・シーンはローカルDJ本来の(もっと評価されるべき)力を再認識できる貴重な機会。今回もStudioフロアはGH Streamingで放映されるが、色彩溢れる音楽体験は配信では決して届かない。是非無理の無い形で短い時間でもマスク着用でダンスフロアに足を運んでいただけたら。自分と周囲の健康を守りながらも、素晴らしい音響設備を備えた箱が育ててきたローカル・シーンの存続も決して忘れずに、一回ごとのパーティを全力で作り上げていきたい。 ★本公演は、Studio XのみGH STREAMINGにてライヴ配信致します。 「10th edition of MOMC, Tokyo’s underground house all packed into one」 Dazzle Drum's House party Music Of Many Colours, where times and regions are of insignificance and people are free to express themselves through dance music. Headlining in Studio is DJ WADA, a prominent figure in Japan’s techno scene with a career that spans over 30 years who recently restarted his project Co-Fusion, scheduled to perform a special set based around Disco. Dance showcase by ダーリンSAEKO&YACHEEMI, grasping the heart of the people around the world with their brilliant sense, and TERM-INAL who is known not only by peers in the house dance scene but fans alike. Dancer’s Session will consist of members who have been colouring the dance floor of MOMC since the early days. In the Contact floor, Satoshi Matsui, a selector with a wide range of Detroit influenced House/Techno, will be the guest for the night. MOMC regular DJs who have continued to contribute to Tokyo’s underground House will be joining the lineup. We’d like the people to take this time, during the global crisis we are facing, to realize and value the local DJs who truly deserve more recognition. Studio floor will be broadcasted live via GH STREAMING, but you won’t get the full experience that our party has to offer. We hope to see the people on the dance floor with masks on, even just for a short period of time. We’d like to continue to put everything we have into each party while staying safe and protecting the well-being of the surrounding people with this superb institution with great sound that has been building the local scene. ●This event will be broadcasted live on GH STREAMING. Open 10PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥1000 Before 11PM ¥2000 GH S Members ¥2500 FB Discount ¥3000 Door
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