[RESCHEDULED] Giardino del Futuro: 999999999 [Social Dis-Dancing]

  • GIARDINO DEL FUTURO Natura, Culture, Sperimentazione Socializzazione a misura anti-Covid19: max 200 persone ----- Inside the Public Garden Federico Aldrovandi renovated by the collective of the Temple of the Lost Future, the Garden of the Future gets back to life: international artistic and musical initiatives SOCIAL DISTANCING POLICY: _The event is reserved for a number of participants up to 200 people to avoid overcrowding and keep social distances _ Access will be allowed only to those in possession of the TICKET bought on RESIDENT ADVISOR. THEREFORE WE INVITE ANYONE WHO HAS NOT BOUGHT THE TICKET TO DO NOT PRESENT THEMSELVES AT THE DOOR IN THE HOPE TO ENTER AND PARTICIPATE. Entrance is allowed ONLY to those who wear a mask _At the entrance, the body temperature will be measured for each participant, and if it exceeds 37.5 ° C, entry will be denied in compliance with regional protocols for access to spaces open to the public _ Upon entry, you will be asked to register for free with the association of the Temple of the Lost Future so that you can comply with regional protocols and privacy legislation _As usual during evening events of the Temple, there will be an ambulance with three paramedics _ In several points there will be installations for hands sanitization which the participants are OBLIDE to use in accessing and exiting from each area of the space _ Single use’s ashtrays will be distributed throughout the structure to contain the dispersion of potentially contaminating cigarette filters, in compliance with hygiene _There will be the security staff in charge of maintaining social distances and enforcing the signs indicated in the space. Therefore, please respect the instructions of the staff that will be provided to you. We take up the challenge of our times by taking the measures recommended by science. MUSIC DOESN’T HAVE TO SWITCH OFF!
  • [RESCHEDULED] Giardino del Futuro: 999999999 [Social Dis-Dancing] - Flyer front