United We Stream Festival - Day 2

  • United We Stream Festival | 25.07. & 26.07. Saturday 25.07. > from Botanischer Garten und Botanisches Museum Berlin & Monopol | 1400-0000 (CEST) Sunday 26.07. > from Neues Museum x DUATRECORDS & Flughafen Tempelhof | 1400-0000 (CEST) Get your soli-ticket bundle in the soli-shop! The stream is free of charge. You have the opportunity to donate at Facebook fundraiser or uws.betterplace.org or to purchase soli-tickets bundles in the United We Stream Soli-Shop. 8% of the proceeds of the festival go this time to the non-profit initiative "Gesicht Zeigen!", which encourages people to become active against xenophobia, racism, anti-Semitism and right-wing extremist violence. & SAVE Club Culture 🙏 >>>> United We Stream Festival invites you to join us to enhance the foundation of UWS e.V. for future orientation as an interdisciplinary digital cultural platform. This interdisciplinary alliance, between club culture and classic locations of Berlin's cultural landscape, is an absolute novelty. Art and culture overcome barriers, connect across cultural differences and bring our common values closer together. Communicating cultural education, variety, diversity and cosmopolitanism in a time when access to culture is severely restricted is more important than ever. <<<< -------- 4 Months of United We Stream - in solidarity we stream united! 1800 artists 363 locations from 74 cities around the planet 68 live-streams from UWS home-base Berlin 1.5 million € donations 44.000 € from Berlin to the Foundation Fund Civil Sea Rescue Without you this would have not been possible - your contribution IS making a difference! 🎉 United We Stream reaches a wide range of audiences worldwide through different, cross-genre cultural formats, from changing cultural locations. The platform was launched on 18 March and has since attracted over 40 million visitors. Thank You! In the digital space - YOU - music lovers find low barrier access to an inclusive cultural offering. This participatory involvement creates a new dimension of cultural events during the Corona crisis and beyond. -------- Berlin's club culture is facing the biggest challenge of its history. On Friday, 13. March the Berlin nightlife has been shut down upon administrative order, to slow down the spreading of COVID-19. This lead to the sudden unemployment of more than 9000 employees and freelancers and many places which are shaping Berlin's identity are on the verge of ruin. Don't forget to donate whatever you can while streaming! 🖤#SaveClubCulture #UnitedWeStream #UnitedWeStreamFestival #LeaveNoOneBehind #GesichtZeigen Soli-Shop: http://solidarityshop.unitedwestream.berlin/
  • United We Stream Festival - Day 2 - Flyer front