Block Party 'Reunion'

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    ■DJ: Dazzle Drums, Kengo ■Lighting: Machida (LS Works) ■Deco: Jambow!
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  • 感染拡大防止に伴いお客様への入場時のお願い Request to Customers to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus. 当日のアルコール販売は20歳以上の方のみとなります。入口にてIDのご確認をいたします。 Alcohol sales on the day is only for those over the age of 20. We will check the ID at the entrance. Timetable 17:00-18:30 Kengo 18:30-22:00 Dazzle Drums
  • Block Party 'Reunion' - Flyer front
    Block Party 'Reunion' - Flyer back