PAG Pride Rave 2020 → Haoman 17

  • It's been a while but we're finally back just in time for pride, and celebrating it now together with you guys is more important than ever. In accordance with the health department’s new restrictions we invite you to reunite with the music, the people and those feeling that you missed the most. Our top priority is to keep you safe and let you enjoy the night in a way that fit today's reality. PAG was created as a safe space for gender trouble and radical expression. Join us to defy the heterosexual matrix, in an effort to abolish transphobia, homophobia, racism, ableism, sexism and aggression of any kind. If you experience or see anything like that, please let us know; We are available for you at any time.
  • PAG Pride Rave 2020 → Haoman 17 - Flyer front