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    No Rome Meishi Smile The Bilinda Butchers Reinabe Default Genders U-Pistol BEDSPACER Mark Redito Kenneth Takanami (fka Exitpost) Plaster Cast Infinity Shred Pre-Party by GOD GF After-Party by DV-i (DJ SET)
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  • HOSTED BY SPF420 x SYNC UP x ZOOM LENS LIVE AT http://syncup.world/ NO SET-TIMES. TUNE-IN FOR ALL LINE-UP IN ORDER FROM LAST TO FIRST NO HEADLINERS PRE-PARTY: 3:50 PM PST START: 4:20 PM PST 7:20 PM EST 12:20 AM LDN (24TH) 7:20 AM MNL (24TH) 8:20 AM JPN (24TH) KARAOKE AFTERPARTY ON ZL DISCORD https://discord.com/invite/mfxcFgr ~11:00 PM PST ~2:00 AM EST ~7:00 AM LDN (24TH) ~2:00 PM MNL (24TH) ~3:00 PM JPN (24TH)
  • Zl420 - Flyer front