OK presents One World Home party

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    Benedek, Haruomi Hosono, Minyo Crusaders, Jerry Paper, 9m88, TOWATEI, Yuza Mizuhara, bungo, Frankie$, Poipoi, Hibibliss
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  • OK presents: One World Home Party We created the One World Home Party in the hope that everyone all over the globe currently stuck indoors can have a wonderful time and be connected to each other through art and music. All the profit of the event aside from the operating costs will be donated to UNHCR. So many people in areas where sanitary conditions are inadequate and also refugees who have lost their homes and continuing to face uncertainties have no place to "Stay Home". So,we hope our contributions will be used to provide them requested hygienic items as well as necessary sanitary goods. The main goal of this project is as we the earthlings sharing the same single planet, to make a common connection through joy of art and music and to know the power and importance in taking care of one another, especially of those less fortunate in this time of trial. *The video is only viewable from inside the Zaiko account which purchased the ticket *Video is unable to be viewed from a direct URL *The video will start from whichever point you join the stream and you are unable to return to earlier content during the stream *The archive will remain for 1week after the stream
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