New Single Release 'Changism' by Aurel&nijim

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    Aurel&Nijim Nicolas Kellner
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  • It's 2020, during the lockdown. Times are confusing, unprecedented. Aurel&Nijim are taking a backseat to process the situation. VIDEOS BELOW Change is in the air, paired with apocalyptic end-time mood, fear and distance dominate the atmosphere. This mood has crept into the duo's latest productions, giving birth to their latest single "Changism". What can an artist do to help the other people with his music? Maybe warm them up with some rich basses and dubby percussions is the right way to dissolve fear, and take a first step toward a change. That's precisely the flow of change that motivated a guest to join the move, Nicolas Kellner from Digitalis created a first class Dub-Techno remix for the two guys, taking a trip to the remote places of echo. So the single, with five tracks, has become a fully grown maxi single (EP) and offers a lot of space for sound salvos and rhythm in this time of global fever. Live DJMIX will be streamed on
  • New Single Release 'Changism' by Aurel&nijim - Flyer front
    New Single Release 'Changism' by Aurel&nijim - Flyer back