Visions of a New World: Vol Xxxix

  • サンフランシスコで毎週ひっそりと開催されるVisions Of A New Worldは、ライヴパフォーマンスをヴィジュアルの融合にフォーカスしたイベント。Streamlandに完ぺきにフィットする内容だ。初のライヴストリーミングとなる今回は、Mark McGuireやEarthen SeaのようなUSアンダーグラウンドのレジェンドが、ベイエリアのベストアクト(juneunit、Experimental Housewife)と共演する。
  • Visions Of A New World is a cinematic event series that brings visual artists and live musicians into conversation. Each edition will feature new visual artists and live sound performances, highlighting the Bay Area's dense creative output as a community. ***UPDATE: Visions of a New World is teaming up w/ to help raise awareness (& the roof!) on supporting local music + radio during covid-19*** (( raising the roof arms )) Volume XXXIX ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Audio performances by: Julian Lynch (Real Estate) Earthen Sea Mark McGuire (Emeralds) Joel Shanahan Experimental Housewife post-rock set kaysea91 ??? Leech juneunit Rose Cherami Idh ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Visuals by: TBA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Resident DJs: Cherub 420 blakeblakeblake Austin Cesear Secret Freeway ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Saturday May 30th 2020 STREAMING ON SUTROFM.NET 2pm-close Free
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