Virtualtechsummit vol.2 - Cities and Municipalities in Crisis

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    Ko-Wen-je (TW) Vladimír Grežo (SK) Juraj Droba (SK) Erika Horanská (SK) Rastislav Trnka (SK) Jaroslav Kacer (SK) Ondrej Lunter (SK) Jozef Viskupič (SK) Libor Bešenyi (SK)
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  • First day International Co-operation – Leadership – Crisis Management – Co-operation and transformation cities in context of green deal | Immediate actions – First impacts – Sharing city´s best practice – Acceleration of Innovations – Building of new ecosystem – Preparation to next wave | Social and Economic impact of COVID-19 to municipalities and positive solutions – Rebuilding of the Cities Second day New visions of municipalities – Co-operation – Transformation – Next wave | Corona Crisis and role of Self-governing regions | Economic situation of the city caused by COVID-19 Crisis | Effective Municipalities – Digitalization of Municipalities | Will COVID-19 accelerate efficiency boost of cities in context of green deal? | Change of paradigm = transformation of services in cities? Self-employeds, retail and tourism in the city – creative industry, local services