Distance: the Film 'In Spring' with Sound Acting by Band 'Soyuz

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  • “Distance” is a series of online-streams where the task is to support the local music culture and to look at it from different angles. The project consists of sets and performances in new forms. The project tells you how the current underground scene of the capital city breathes and plunges you into the context of the actual sound of Belarus as a whole. Recording of the first broadcast “Music for Spaces” [https://clck.ru/NWiKr] [https://soundcloud.com/accidentalsociety/blagodao-miracle-libido-music-for-the-spaces] ----------------------------------------------- In order to continue experimental cycle, the "Distance" is showing the film "In the Spring" with live sound acting by the band "SOYUZ". “In Spring” (Director and cameraman Mikhail Kaufman, 1929) Mikhail Kaufman is the brother and co-author of Dzigi Vetrov with whom they shot "A Man with a Movie Camera". “In Spring” has long been considered lost and only in 2005 was found in one of the Amsterdam film archives. This movie is a masterpiece of the Ukrainian cinema avant-garde, a non-fiction film created in accordance with the avant-garde theory “Cinema Eyes”. It shows almost unknown Kiev of 1929, photos of the awakening of the city, renewal of its life, resonated with the lyrical pictures of the revival of nature. Kaufman’s attentive camera pauses for a long time at the smiling faces of the children, painting a lyrical picture of the declaration of love to Kiev. In the film "In Spring" Kaufman first used the principle of "hidden camera". SOYUZ A creative coalition of Minsk musicians inspired by the heritage of the world music community: from Brazilian pop music of the 70s, psychedelic jazz and Kraut rock to early electronics and avant-garde. The band uses elements from these genres in the context of modern sound. SOYUZ was founded in 2017 and the musicians have already managed to release two full-length albums. For its relatively short period of existence, SOYUZ performed at the iconic festivals of Belarus (Stereo Weekend’18), Russia (Pain’19) and Ukraine (Atlas Weekend’18) and received invitations to Tallinn Music Week and Moscow Music Week showcases. In 2020, they plan to introduce new material to the listeners. [https://vk.com/gruppasoyuz] -------------------------------------------- Curators of the “Distance” project - accidental society (BY) Broadcast organizers: ATENX_kontora For collaboration email: [email protected] -------------------------------------------- To watch livestream please find active link at Facebook page on the day of the event. May 24th, 2020 20:00 (GMT+3) Admission: FREE
  • Distance: the Film 'In Spring' with Sound Acting by Band 'Soyuz - Flyer front