So​⅃​os: a Space of Limit as Possibility

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    Victoria Keddie
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  • Victoria Keddie's work work explores the cacophony of media ecologies that operate within, both as an intimate and planetary exchange. The technologies built for transmission come from universal principles of electromagnetic energies. In relatively recent history, these tools for transmission within an unregulated sphere of communication systems, have altered our ways of seeing, being, and communicating in the world. The overwhelming level of radiation and energy reaching to, and passing through our bodies place us in a new phase in the Anthropocene. No longer are we participating at will, rather, we are engrossed in a system that merges the animate with the inanimate in a congealed machinic exchange between the signal and the receiver. Her focus is to expose the particular gestures of the body in tandem with tools of broadcast and transmission and to decipher the patterns that have become an operative language with the machines she works with. -- Fridman Gallery and CT::SWaM present SO​⅃​OS, weekly performances inside the empty gallery. ​Operating within NYC’s shelter-in-place guidelines, only one person – the performer – is present. Equipped with multiple microphones and cameras (mixed remotely), the space itself becomes a generative agent for the performer. ​As the world moves online, our bodies remain situated within physical boundaries, resulting in a new kind of dissonance. SO​⅃​OS turns this phenomenon inside out, the shuttered confines of the gallery creating a new immediacy. Schedule of Performances (streamed on May 14 Daniel Neumann May 21 Luke Stewart May 28 Victoria Keddie June 4 Abigail Levine (9pm) June 11 C. Lavender June 18 Leila Bordreuil June 25 Mendi and Keith Obadike July 2 Lea Bertucci July 9 Marina Rosenfeld / Ben Vida (solos) July 16 Rena Anakwe July 23 Diamanda Galás July 30 Janet BIggs All performances on Thursdays at 8pm, except as posted otherwise. Tickets: $5 each concert (live viewing and unlimited playback) $35 series pass (live viewing and unlimited playback of all 12 concerts) For inquiries, including free access for those in need, please contact [email protected] ​CT::SWaM​ [Contemporary Temporary:: Sound Works and Music] is an artist-run series focusing on spatial sound works. ​
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      $5 each concert (live viewing and unlimited playback) / $35 series pass (live viewing and unlimited playback of all 12 concerts)
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