Abel Selaocoe: Serious Livestream Sessions

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    Abel Selaocoe
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  • We’re pleased to present Abel Selaocoe, award-winning South African cellist who took part in our talent development scheme Take Five last year and showcased an exceptional performance together with percussionist Bernhard Schimpelsberger at our EFG London Jazz Festival 2019. Redefining the parameters of the cello, Abel combines virtuosic performance with improvisation and passionate vocals. He’ll be performing songs from his upcoming solo album for the first time, as well as old tunes and improvisations. This Serious Livestream Sessions takes place on the very same day Abel would have been in the studio recording this new record. Hae ke kae? Where is home? is an album inspired by understanding the concept of taking refuge in different facets of life as a universal urge. It is about literal homes, politics, family, friends, strangers, religion and all things that help to strengthen one’s identity; a celebration of Abel’s home South Africa and an ode to some of those countries that gave him forefathers refuge in the times of apartheid such as Tanzania, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Botswana and more. Through the vessel of the cello and voice, Abel creates a sound world inspired by stringed instruments of the African diaspora such as the Zeze violin (Tanzania), Uhadi (South Africa), Sekhankula (violin from Lesotho) together with an unwavering strength of the voice. ‘Abel is a truly unique musician, whose musical voice is as heartfelt and honest as they come. This humanity, coupled with his immense technical facility as a cellist - and singer - makes him an absolute joy to listen to and to make music with’ (Gwilym Simcock, jazz pianist)
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