[RESCHEDULED] Uppercut Sound: Minor Science, Air Max '97 & Clemency

  • Uppercut Sound descends down Wire's steps for the first time for a night of forward-thinking audio! Minor Science Minor Science's releases on trailblazing imprints Whities and The Trilogy Tapes over the last six years have seen him amass a discography that sits in it's own lane, and succeeds in boggling minds whilst stirring dancefloors. With an output that nods to classic styles while challenging the pre-conceived forms that make them up, his music creates singular, technicolour worlds "packed with odd time-signatures, brain-bending sound design and a playful palette of switch-ups, fake-outs and digital hiccups." With a debut LP on the way that navigates down some new sonic alleyways, we're excited to see the direction in which Minor Science will steer the basement. https://whities.bandcamp.com/album/second-language Air Max '97 As a producer, DJ, and label boss of Decisions, Air Max '97 has been responsible for some of the most exciting takes on the modern club sound in recent memory, including our favourite record of last year with Timedance 019. Angular percussion and UK-informed bass weight intersect unique grooves to send high-voltage shocks down the spine and prompt thoughts of "How did he do that?..." AM97's DJ sets move in a similar vein, darting between tempos, genres and textures, all the while maintaining an emphasis on impeccable sound-design and hard-hitting functionality. Not one to miss on a closing set. https://soundcloud.com/truants/truancy-volume-255-air-max-97 Clemency Through her label/party Mutualism and residencies on NTS Radio & Limbo Radio, Clemency transmits a sound that's deep, dubbed out, and unpredictable. Swampy chugginess makes way for rapidfire jungle via leftfield Southern rap - a selector in the truest sense of the word, that keeps you guessing. https://soundcloud.com/clemencydj/mutualism-w-clemency-on-nts-radio-23rd-november-2019 Resident Flytipper will be running some spacey oddities from 11. There'll be a handful of early birds up for only £6 if you fancy saving yourself some of your hard earned pennies. Thanks to everyone that made last time such a good'n, hope to see your faces again! Sound to make your head spin.
  • [RESCHEDULED] Uppercut Sound: Minor Science, Air Max '97 & Clemency - Flyer front