Da Dungeon

  • After launching in September 2019 hosting fortnightly live listening events tailored towards afro house, da dungeon live has rapidly grown into a small community of people that all love music Da Dungeon live specialises in playing south African house and the founder Morgan black has found that people have been crying out for events that play that style of music After hosting several live DJ listening parties da dungeon team have decided to host there first official event #Da Dungeon 001 in the heart of Shoreditch at the iconic looking glass cocktail club, this venue is the perfect fit for the theme of the event as it boast character and has amazing audio equipment meaning people will appreciate the sound and music Be Sure to Grab your tickets as soon as possible as this event will definitely sell out **IMPORTANT INFO** - 10 Free tickets available for da dungeon members - Ticket holders only have priority before 11pm so arrive early - Last entry 12am - NO ID NO ENTRY - NO HOODS NO SPORTSWEAR HATS ALLOWED
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