Opio: Gratts, Jarod Escaped, baseHEAD, Matis

  • xin chao em'ois! This SATURDAY March 07, 9PM-2AM, OPIO is hosting one of our last parties in Central Vietnam at the infamous Darts Bar Jammin Rooftop, with one of Berlin's most talented tastemakers and vinyl affectionados: Gratts! Belgium born, Berlin based DJ Gratts has spent the best part of two decades lugging bags of excellent records around. First biting the bug for good-time house, techno and disco in the late 90s, he honed his craft as part of the We Play House gang throughout the following decade, and began pushing out of his homeland around the 10s. In keeping the heart of the music in mind, Gratts ensures the feet are always engaged. Genres aren’t important, though: no matter what’s spinning, it’s all about the uplift, the heart and the freedom. His deep knowledge of groove-heavy, dancefloor-ready music affords him versatility - he’s as comfortable playing alongside Steffi or DJ Sprinkles as Hunee or Orpheu The Wizard. As well as an able selector, he’s a keen curator-collaborator: he produces music with Eluize as Ca$hminus and runs the ensemble label with Kong. Currently on his Australia-Asia tour, he brings with him the freshest new sounds from his favorite labels. More info here: https://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/gratts https://ensemblebxl.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/gratts This Saturday he will be joined by local scene grinders: Hong Kong's Jarod Esc - Escaped Records (Escaped Records) DaNang's baseHEAD (aka Shinsaku Yoshida) and Hoi An's MATIS aka Mr. Mahal (Opio Collective) The Venue: Darts Bar Jammin Rooftop Enjoy amazing 360 panoramic views from a lush rooftop bar. A huge infinity pool, a full food menu, amazingly creative cocktails and a banging sound system are just some of the mind blowing features of this new hotspot. Come check out DaNang's number one rooftop! As usual - good vibes, good people, best music!! Come thru for one of the last OPIO dances!
  • Opio: Gratts, Jarod Escaped, baseHEAD, Matis - Flyer front