[RESCHEDULED] Kilombo Social Disco: Boat to Nowhere No. 1

  • Venue
    Secret Location (Stockholm)
    • Secret Location (Stockholm)
  • Date
    Fri, 27 Nov 2020
    21:00 - 03:00
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    • 16
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    Thunder Tillman & Cabezón, Rosi Polanco, Kilombo Residents
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  • For some time I’ve been incubating a vision I’m now ready to share with both new and old friends: A night of loved ones, new acquaintances, percussive flavors, and booty shakes to the most essential rhythms from around the tropics. As my 30th birthday approaches at a midlife-crisis-inducing speed, I wanted to seize this opportunity to welcome you all to my first attempt at making this vision a reality. For this occasion, our friends Thunder Tillman, Cabezón and Rosi Polanco will deliver a blend of highly danceable organic music from different corners of the southern hemisphere stemming all the way from Lagos to La Guajira. We've prepared some lovely treats and refreshments for you together with our dashing startenders Therese Christoffersson and Sarah von Sydow as well as with our good friends at Racamaca who will be serving tapas straight out of that little piece of heaven they call kitchen. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO REGISTER: (registration closes the day of the party at 17.00) www.kilombosocialdisco.com Music by: Thunder Tillman & Cabezón Rosi Polanco Kilombo Residents Food by: Racamaca Drinks by: Sarah von Sydow Therese Christoffersson Hosting by: Yaknel Elorza Jesse Kovarsky Light & decor by: Ivo Kiusalaas Jac Carlsson Artwork by: N.Aleg We'd like our guests to treat each other with care and respect regardless of origin, gender, shape, sexual orientation, religion and age. Anyone displaying aggressive behavior will be removed from the party. Please put your phone away while on the dancefloor.
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