Maraton—dans: Mrt003 Release Celebration

  • RELEASE CELEBRATION ➫ MRT003 — VARIOUS ARTISTS On the third release from Maraton, forces are united by friends and heroes Martinez, Federico Molinari, Olga Korol and Magnus Glädt. With four original tracks, this is a VA in lack of no colors. A1: Federico Molinari – Voyhay A2: Olga Korol – Track 2 B1: Magnus Glädt – Offworlden B2: Martinez – Scotoma CELEBRATION LINE-UP ➫ Olga Korol (Body Parts) ➫ Martinez (Concealed Sounds / Minibar) ➫ Magnus Glädt (Elevate) ➫ Edvin Wikner (Maraton) ➫ Martin Malmliden (Maraton) ______________________________________ 27.03.2020 19:00—05:00 Under Bron—Klubben Dance marathons are events in which people dance or walk to music for an extended period of time. These events grew popular during the Great Depression in the USA when a woman named Alma Cummings danced continuously for 27 hours. Maraton—dans is our way of maintaining that very same legacy. We do this by hosting our own marathons and non the least by spreading the music we believe in. Music created both by ourselves, our friends and heroes.
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