[RESCHEDULED] Amir Abdullah Tribute To Charlie Mingus...


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[RESCHEDULED] Amir Abdullah Tribute To Charlie Mingus...

CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden
Fri, 24 Sep
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    Amir Abdullah (Mingus Lecture + Lost Album Listening Session), Steve Williamson Trio (Live) Mingus-Esque Sets - Performing a min of 2 Live sets
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  • DUE TO CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK EXTRA DATE ADDED + EVENT DATE MOVED TO FRI SEP 24 + SAT SEP 25. Alternatively full refund available from Resident Advisor Stay safe + See you on the other side X TRIBUTE TO CHARLIE MINGUS / LECTURE TO LIVE!!! Fri Sep 24 + Sat Sep 25 - The CLF Art Lounge is proud to welcome one of the world’s leading authorities on Jazz Music, Curator, DJ, Historian and Strata records owner AMIR ABDULLAH - for an incisive lecture, DJ + Live session celebrating the life, musical genius and works of the ultimate Jazz double bass player/composer/arranger, one CHARLIE MINGUS. AMIR offering insights into the re-discovered and Strata / BBE released CHARLES MINGUS LOST PERFORMANCE from the 70’s. Followed by a listening session of the works and two ‘Mingus-esque’ sets dropped LIVE by The STEVE WILLIAMSON TRIO - Free Entry, Live In The Lounge at The CLF Art Lounge & Roof Garden. STEVE WILLIAMSON TRIO (LIVE) Mingus-esque Set. Band on stage around 10pm - performing a minimum of 2 live sets. MINGUS / STRATA LECTURE (In The words of AMIR ABDULLAH) My Discovery of the Mingus master tapes, Jazz In Detroit/Strata Concert Gallery/46 Selden By Amir Abdullah In the summer of 2017, I received an email from Barbara Cox, the owner of Strata Records, stating that her friend Hermine Brooks (wife of jazz drummer Roy Brooks) had in her possession a live recording of the Charles Mingus concert at the Strata Concert Gallery. Now, I knew of this famed 1970s concert, but I certainly did not know that a recording existed. I contacted Hermine and we had a really nice conversation about the concert. From there, I was able to have John Morales (the famed DJ and producer) pick up the masters (5x2 track tape recordings) from Hermine and transfer them to digital formats. I was so anxious to hear what no one had heard for over forty years that I was busting at the seams. I was blown away by the dynamic sound of the music and the intimacy of the recording. Mingus and the band (and sometimes with the audience) give the listener a front-row seat. I didn’t have to be a ‘fly on the wall’ because I felt like I was ten feet away from the band! And to top it all off, I discovered a 15-minute interview with Roy Brooks, in which he gives some perspective on the jazz world in 1973. My first thought to myself: “I wish my father could hear and experience what I just did!” My love and passion for jazz music were bestowed upon me from my father. Every weekend he would sit in the living room with his hi-fi stereo system and listen to Miles Davis, Horace Silver, Thelonious Monk, and Charles Mingus in particular. My father fought in the Second World War and worked at the Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Boston for many years; the weekends were his time to visit the land of jazz and his youth. It is because of this that the discovery of this long-lost Mingus recording touches my heart so. By examining the importance of this fantastic discovery of these ‘lost’ documents and its importance to the history and legacy of jazz we are provided with the opportunity to explore the impact of Mingus. Furthermore, this will allow us to expand on the significance of Strata Records and the Strata Concert Gallery to the Detroit music scene. We explore how Mingus fits into the history of jazz and in the larger context, American music history. With the discovery of these masters, I am able to appreciate and understand the genius that was Mingus. As a composer, he is considered one of the greatest American composers and the heir to Duke Ellington. In fact, after acquiring Mingus’ sound recordings, papers, correspondence, and photos; the Library of Congress described it as “the most important acquisition of a manuscript collection relating to jazz in the Library’s history.” There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of my father’s loving approval of his son securing the rights to release this gem. I imagine he’s with me, helping to research the titles, players, etc. A father and son project for sure; I know he would be proud. Along with detailing the story of my discovery of the Mingus master tapes there will be a short slide show followed by a listening session of the recording. Topics to be discussed: - The moment when I realized that these ‘ lost documents’ were/are important - Mingus - who he was and his legacy - The history and legacy of Strata as it relates to the Detroit music scene § Strata East vs. Strata Records and their dynamics - My history of archival research ADMISSION TO 'LIVE IN THE LOUNGE' EVENTS ARE FREE, but we advise a reservation is made if you wish to attend. Adv Dinner ticket (inc small mains) via RA / (This Page) - Or drop us a quick message at [email protected] to make your reservation. Live In The Lounge takes place Every Fri + Sat (Occasional Sundays) check website for details http://www.clfartlounge.com/upcoming-shows Welcome to a whole world of Chill, See you deep inside X
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