[CANCELLED] Trance Party 8

  • REFUND DEADLINE EXTENDED UNTIL OCTOBER 13: Unfortunately with the ongoing COVID-19 situation and uncertainty around when Corsica Studios will be able to reopen, we’ve taken the decision to cancel Trance Party 8. But, we’ll be back when it’s safe to be. If you’d like to get a refund, follow these steps: 1. Go to your order detail page for the event. 2. Click the "Refund Tickets" button. 3. You should get your money back within five business days. The “Refund Tickets” button will become unavailable after October 13. This option is only available via the website and not in the mobile app.
  • [CANCELLED] Trance Party 8 - Flyer front
    [CANCELLED] Trance Party 8 - Flyer back