ReSolute w Youandewan & Truly Madly

  • RSVP For Location: [email protected] ||| All Day Presidents Day Party ||| Youandewan Truly Madly (debut) Will Graff b2b Sergio Dimoff Rama b2b Rasho Post Valentines and Pre-Presidents Day, we’re going all-day Sunday Funday, Youandewan returns armed with a record bag that collects the best bits of vintage UK deep/tech house, acid-laced cruisers and deeper strains of golden-era house and techno, Youandewan is always examining these diverse styles with his usual ear for trippy, cerebral moods and driving rhythms. We’re also very excited for the U.S. debut of Truly Madly at ReSolute! In house music's digger community, Truly looms large, but digger's panache is by no means Truly's only draw. His mixes have a craftsmanship that comes from decades of dedication. Each record contrasts perfectly with the one before it...and what better setting to hear this than on our Sunday Funday daytime soirée? Nowhere :)
  • ReSolute w Youandewan & Truly Madly - Flyer front