Strange Days Invites Absurd Trax

  • Strange Days invites Absurd TRAX (HK) Strange Days invites two members of the Hong Kong label Absurd TRAX crew to perform live in s105, De School. The underground club music collective are here for their first Europe tour, showcasing at CTM festival in Berlin, London, Barcelona and more. Line up: Kelvin T (HK) Based in Hong Kong but raised by the internet is Kelvin T, an electronic musician utilising music as a means of delivering impactful sonic experiences. He has been affiliated with Shanghai-based Genome 6.66 Mbp and Absurd TRAX. In 'Unlock Voice', the first full length album from Kelvin T on Absurd TRAX, he was compelled by the following question: "Is it possible to ‘train’...a synthetic sound to possess a voice and sing on its own? Maybe, if there’s a soul locked inside a sound, can I teach the synths and the drums to scream at me and cry through the speakers? If synthesizers and samplers, hardware or software can talk, would they scream at their masters or sing while crying?” ASJ (HK) ASJ refers to ‘A Spiritual Journey’. ‘The Road to become One' is ASJ' s first major work after residing in local label and collective Absurd TRAX. Putting together her reflection and introspection about various moments in life, ASJ transforms them sonically into musical pieces. Producing rejuvenating moods while using highly melodious song structure and humanized music texture that echoes her motivation to take the audience on an emotional and reinvigorating journey. This event is free for Subbacultcha members. Strange Days - a club night by Know V.A. that seeks to showcase contemporary hardcore and explore how the genre, sonically and visually has remained active in the underground. poster by Lisa Schamlé
  • Strange Days Invites Absurd Trax - Flyer front
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