Staygold #1 - The Kick Off

  • Staygold #1 - The Kick Off 🕉️ As vedic wisdom tells us, every person is a piece of gold. Pure gold is your essence, created from the love of the universe. Gold is as luminescent and cherished, as are you. As such a treasure, you deserve all the good, the world has to offer. So we invite you to put on your golden outfit, to immerse into your divine essence and join our golden family for the first dance ✨ // Specials: ⚡️ Guests will receive a STAYGOLD FAMILY MEMBER CARD and a discount at the door, if you wear a golden accessoire (1€) or a golden outfit (2€). Groups of 4+ with golden outfits get a 3€ discount per person and a STAYGOLD FAMILY MEMBER CARD each 🌙 ⚜️ Dance performance by ArtEmiss Collective 🎨 Golden make-up by Glitersistas 🏆 Golden decoration 💫 Golden toilette 🌟 Sustainable golden glitter RA: /// *! NO PHOTOS OR VIDEOS ALLOWED !* Our house photographer is the only one allowed to take pictures and videos of the party. These are used for our promotion. Each visitor declares himself automatically by agreeing to attend the event. If you do not want to be photographed or filmed, you can tell the photographer directly. /// #staygold
  • Staygold #1 - The Kick Off - Flyer front