Alles Paletti with Elisa Elisa (Bitter Truth)

  • It's Alles Paletti, dear friends! For the first Alles Paletti of the season we like to mix things up. Back on the decks after some time off we will have back 87.90 and Brace Brace. Newcomer on the RBL DJ roster is De Nader and a long time friends of the party crew Ctrl_Alt_Dlt. We are above all very happy to host Elisa Elisa, who will rock Anita's dance floor after a great series of explosive Dj sets between Watergate, Sisyphos, KitKat and a last tour in South America. Elisa Elisa discovered the electronic music scene after her classical musical studies in her hometown Lyon. Don't try to put Elisa Elisa in one box! Her productions and Dj sets are as various as her influences: from jazz, french rave, north African roots to the German Legends. Get a fusion of house, disco, acid, afro beats and a touch of tech! And in the middle of the night, high above the vibes of the music, you will find yourself happy and crazy, caught in a vortex of good feelings. If you lose yourself there, don't worry, dear friend. It's Alles Paletti.
  • Alles Paletti with Elisa Elisa (Bitter Truth) - Flyer front