Valentine's Day with Pa-Põ (Tehnofoobia)

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    Indrek Põder, Paavo U, unjoyer, Chocolate manul
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  • We are really happy to announce that Paavo (Pa) & Pôder (Pô) , formerly known as Tehnofoobia, are back in their favourite nightclub. Come and celebrate Valentine’s Day with us in our new Ibiza Nightclub and experience Pa-Pô’s deep-dark-melodic-underground music journey. This will be the night to remember. Warmup beats will be provided by DJ K.O from Katusekohvik Cooldown support from Ibiza residents. See you all on Valentine's Day !!! Absolutely must! Pa-Põ Indrek Põder Paavo U unjoyer
  • Valentine's Day with Pa-Põ (Tehnofoobia) - Flyer front
    Valentine's Day with Pa-Põ (Tehnofoobia) - Flyer back