UFO Goes to Very Special Music Sessions: ÂME [DJ]

  • UFO goes to VERY SPECIAL MUSIC SESSIONS: ÂME (Dj set) 1 August, Saturday | 23:00-7:00 Fans of night dancing are perfectly familiar with the main Âme’s track “Rej”. Every performance of the project is always a happy dance floor and a soulful atmosphere. There is a simple explanation for this: the duo's name is self-described, translated from French meaning "Soul”. Please welcome! "Half" of Âme duo, Dixon's “brother” on bright b2b-sets and co-owner of the Innervions label - Kristian Beyer is going to us. Tickets: http://www.sms.life/ame #sagrado #sagradocorp #specialmusicsessions #innervisions #ame #hennessy #beveryspecial #ufoevents Sagrado Corp. is the only holding company that has implemented more than twenty diverse entertainment and club projects around the world. Thanks to Sagrado Corp., Tiësto, Solomun, Sven Väth, Luciano, W & W, Yellow Claw, Wu Tang Clan and many others toured Russia. UfO events is a new project that brings together like-minded people from around the world. UfO is an unidentified flying object; a show case, moving around the best club venues in the world, changing their usual look with light and music solutions. The UfO team is developing its own conceptual parties. Their main idea is to create a cosmic atmosphere. The uniqueness of the project is, first of all, a pool of world-famous DJs, exclusive sets using the latest digital developments, as well as artists that turn into alien creatures, dressed in space suits created specially for the project UfO events.
  • UFO Goes to Very Special Music Sessions: ÂME [DJ] - Flyer front