Terraforma 2022

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  • TERRAFORMA 2022 www.terraformafestival.com ____________________________________________________________ Terraforming is the process that shapes a planet atmosphere and surface to support life. In this new territory there is a mutual adaptation: the community gradually rewrites its genetic and cultural codes around the updated ecological circumstances, developing a story radically divergent from its home world. Terraforma is an experimental music festival, where sound acts as a gravitational centre: our experiences and thoughts orbit it, following paths drowned on a common ground or suspended in solitary contemplation. Sound comes and go as a summer storm, naturally orienting life on twisted, unforeseen paths. Terraforma lasts 3 days and 3 nights, dissolving in the breath of dawns and sunsets the linearity of time, where our experience extends and contracts in harmony with the environment. Since the beginning in the year 2014 we have involved artists developing a natural frequency of music, echoing in their performances the depth and permanence of the listening. Terraforma has its roots in Villa Arconati and the surrounding woods, where a sustainable production supports a reconstruction and innovation plan for the local ecology and architecture. From the camping area to the 17th century maze we develop an overlay of ancient, contemporary and imaginary spaces where our memories weave and flourish. ____________________________________________________________ Produced and conceived by Threes www.threesproductions.com