Motorpool Feat. Cassy

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    Studio: Cassy (Kwench Records | UK) DSKE & MAYUDEPTH HIDEO (fancyHIM) [Lighting] MACHIDA Contact: Kenji Takimi (Crue-L | Being Borings) REMI (ROUNDHOUSE) Hattori (Pigeon Records) Yasu (ARTEMIS) Ayana JJ Foyer: Miss ENVY Tessan B2B CHNKN Yume & SHOWHEY Poipoi B2B Hibi Bliss Crazist B2B GAKKIE [Queen] Lil' Grand-Bitch Banzai Kyoko MAXIM [Boys] Sasuke Tarou Yuichiro [Fag Bar] Sou + Vera & Pola [Midnight Coffee Stand] GP Coffee Roaster supported by COCALERO / MISTERGENTLEMAN
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  • 『世界中のダンサーを魅了し続ける才能豊かなアーティスト、Cassyが登場』 今回スペシャルゲストに迎えるのは、Panorama Bar、Rex Club、DC-10など、現在のクラブカルチャーを代表する名クラブでレジデントを務めてきたCassyだ。芸術性をしっかりと打ち出していくため、多忙を極めるDJの出演数を控えているCassyを体験できる貴重な一夜を提供する。今日に至るまでの創作活動や卓越したDJとしての経験を長年にわたって積み重ねてきたCassy自身とその音楽は、あらゆる人種と価値観を歓迎するMOTORPOOLのスピリットにふさわしい。 さらに、レジデントを務めるDSKEとMAYUDEPTHの2人によるB2Bセットは、まさに2020年への新しい波を作るだろう。Contactフロアでは、おなじみKenji Takimiが出演。確固たるグルーヴを軸に据えながら果敢に大胆な選曲を行うことで生まれる予測不可能なDJセットは、MOTORPOOLを象徴する多彩なラインナップとともに最高の夜を作り上げる。 今回もあらゆる人々がダンスフロアで混ざり合うかけがえのない一体感を演出する。 「The undeniably talented artist, CASSY, who continues to fascinate dancers all over the world makes her appearance」 The final MOTORPOOL of 2019 will be celebrating in style with a special guest appearance by Cassy, who has held residencies at esteemed institutions like Panorama Bar, Rex Club, DC-10 and more. Fully in control of her own destiny, she’s shifted her focus away from endless gigging to find a more grounded approach to her artistry, making her appearances on the decks all the more special when they happen. Her craft, balanced out with decades of experience as a spellbinding DJ, she’ll bring just the right touch to the inclusive spirit of the MOTORPOOL dance floor. Alongside Cassy you can expect to see a celebratory B2B set from MOTORPOOL residents DSKE and MAYUDEPTH creating a new wave for the year 2020. Contact floor will be navigated by Kenji Takimi, one of Japan’s most respected and adventurous selectors known for his wayward style of DJing, making perfect addition to MOTORPOOL’s colorful lineup. An evening of togetherness on the dance floor with people from various walks of life. Open 10PM ¥1000 Before 11PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥2500 GH S Members ¥3000 w/Flyer ¥3000 FB Discount ¥3500 Door
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      Before 11PM ¥1000 | Under 23 ¥1000 | GH S Members ¥2500 | w/Flyer ¥3000 | FB Discount ¥3000 | Door ¥3500
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