Ableton Meetup Tokyo Vol.27 4th Anniversary

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    Presentation 20min challenge by Dylan Wood (The head of Sound at Ableton) 「4trカセットレコーダーによるサウンド•テクスチャー技法」 “Sound Texture Technique with 4tr Cassette MTR” by Yui Onodera 「声でトラックメイキング」 “Making a Track with Voice” by Utae Anniversary Special : Ableton駆込寺 / Ableton Q&A Rescue Touch&Try : Pioneer DJ MC : CD HATA&DIEZONE DJ : 蜻蛉-Tonbo-, ruto
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  • (English follows Japanese)お陰さまでAbleton Meetup Tokyoは4周年を迎えます。 今年のアニバーサリーは会場をTime Out Cafe&Dinerに移し、Abletonのサウンド部門責任者=Dylan Woodを招いて祝祭を開きます。彼はLive 10リリース時にも来日してデモを披露しましたが、今回は20分で曲を作るチャレンジに挑戦。世界トップクラスのAbleton Liveの使い手がタイムアタックに挑戦するとどうなるか…見物です。 その他では、今年もKOMPAKTのコンピレーションに参加するサウンドアーティスト/プロデューサーのYui Onoderaが登壇。今回は、4トラックのカセットMTRを使った、イマドキのマニアックな音作り術を実演してくれます。 もう一組のゲストは、女性シンガーソングライター/トラックメイカーのUtaeが登壇。彼女は、Ableton Meetup Tokyoでは珍しい「声」を使ったトラックメイキング術を披露します。 今年もアニバーサリー恒例Ableton駆込寺も開山します。今年は認定トレーナーのAkimが住職を務め、あなたの音楽制作のお悩みについて相談に乗ります。投げ銭制なので悩みが解決したと感じたら浄財のご寄付をお願いいたします。 そして、今年も先着順でAbletonグッズ進呈とさらに豪華な賞品が当たる抽選会も行われます。これだけの盛りだくさんな内容でも学生は入場無料です。学生証をお持ちの方は忘れずに持参してください。 (English) This autumn marks 4th anniversary for Ableton Meetup Tokyo. To celebrate this fantastic moment for the community, we will hold an anniversary event on Thursday November 21, 2019 at Time Out Cafe & Diner in Ebisu, Tokyo inviting 3 special guests as presenter. Dylan Wood, the head of sound at Ableton himself, will make his appearance for AMT stage for the first time since our Live 10 release event back in 2018. In this upcoming event he will make a track in 20 minutes, from scratch. What would happen if one of the main personnel behind Ableton Live software itself creates a piece of music in such a limited period of time? Who knows, but we will see! Yui Onodera, a music producer/sound artist whose tracks are constantly picked up and released as a part of compilation from Kompakt records and many more, will show his recent workflow using 4-track cassette tape MTR. We will have an in-depth look at his lo-fi style of sound making. Utae, a singer-songwriter/music producer, will demonstrate her way of making a track with voice as a main source. As we had in our previous anniversary celebrations, we will also open up the gates of “Ableton Go-to Temple” again this year. This is the place where you can ask our man Akim (Ableton certified trainer) literally any questions with regards to Ableton Live, music production or any creative blocks you are struggling with. Although we will not have any extra fixed charge for this personalised support, we will welcome your donations. If it works to help you spark your creativity to move forward with your music, feel free to leave a tip in the box. In addition, you will get some giveaways from Ableton at door. The number of items is limited and it will be first come first serve basis. Furthermore, we will have a draw for very special prizes. So many things to mention! Students will still be able to join for free as long as you show your student ID at door. We would like to thank everyone who has been a part of the history of AMT community looking forward to seeing all of you to celebrate how far we have come.
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