The Water Sunset

  • When the sun searches the river and the music embraces the movement, The Water Sunset brings us the best sounds for a full day of magnetism. For those who expect to feel at home, we reveal that Kaesar and John-e, names that bring us especially close to Lisbon, will stimulate the dance floor and provide the meeting between the chemistry of space and the view over the water. At sunset, and to fulfill the omen of an unforgettable afternoon, James Monro follows, the only one capable of transporting us on a hypnotic journey through the most diverse native music genres of electronic music that we breathe today. Born in the UK and influenced by 70's experimental bands, funk and of course the psychedelic world, today besides DJ is one of the most recognized music producers in Europe. Eclectic in nature and inspiring especially for those who like to dance without stereotypes, it brings together all the notes that come from House, Techno, Progressive, Electro, Trance in a unique and universal beat. Presence in festivals from all corners of the globe such as the Boom Festival, Psy Fi, Parallel Universe but also in the best clubs like D-Edge in Sao Paulo or Lux, in this visit to Portugal, home to one of its the most ardent public he promises an unforgettable gathering. We want the substance of late afternoons transformed into true alchemy. Come, we await for your element. Alchemy - The first session.
  • The Water Sunset - Flyer front