Slikback / Intergalactic Gary, Oliver Hafenbauer

  • 『ベース × エレクトロ × テクノで繰り広げる異世界サウンド』 祝前日となるこの日のContactは、2部屋の個性際立つフロアを用意。“既存”から果敢に外れていく刺激的なエレクトロニックミュージックを提供する。 Studio Xフロアには、フェスティバルNyege Nyegeを中心にして急速な拡大を見せるカンパラ・シーンからSlikbackが登場。今年のRural Festivalに初出演を果たす彼は、セルフレーベル〈Hakuna Kulala〉を立ち上げて発表した2枚のEPや、Hyph11Eや33EMYBWなどの重要中国人アーティストとのコラボレーションで瞬く間にその存在を世界へ知らしめた大注目のケニヤ人プロデューサーだ。躍動的なベースミュージックをさまざまな解釈で繰り出しながら、クリエイティブな刺激とダンスフロアで身体を揺さぶる機能性を備えた音楽体験をお届けする。 Contactフロアには、オンラインラジオ局Intergalactic FMの創設者Intergalactic Garyが出演。エレクトロ/テクノ/アシッドのほか、多彩なジャンルのディープな領域を巡りながら各界隈で評価を獲得してきた彼が、膨大な知識とDJスキルをつうじて長年培ってきた独自の未来観をフロアに投影する。さらに、ドイツの名門クラブRobert Johnsonの中心人物Oliver Hafenbauerも参戦。自身のレーベル〈Die Orakel〉からのリリースでテクノ好きの嗜好をくすぐり続ける彼のセットにも注目だ。 「A night of global bass, electro, and techno from the outer reaches」 Contact is proud to launch into the national holiday with two distinct rooms of electronic music that dares to be different. Spurred on by the rapidly swelling scene orbiting Kampala and the Nyege Nyege festival, Kenyan producer Slikback has made his sonic presence felt across the globe in a short space of time. Launching his own Hakuna Kulala label to carry two widely celebrated EPs, and collaborating with vital Chinese artists like Hyph11E and 33EMYBW, his visceral and wildly different take on the dynamics of bass music are as excitingly fresh as they are utterly heavy in the dance. His appearance on the Studio X Floor comes off the back of a first appearance at Rural Festival. On the Contact floor, Intergalactic Gary will present his vintage version of the future through the medium of deep-cover electro, techno, acid and more besides. The Dutch DJ rose to prominence as the founder of Intergalactic FM, with his immense knowledge and skill as a selector earning him respect and recognition in many different places. Gary will be joined by Oliver Hafenbauer, a central figure at legendary German club Robert Johnson and the founder of consistently intriguing techno label Die Orakel. Open 10PM ¥1000 Before 11PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥2500 GH S Members ¥3000 w/Flyer ¥3000 FB Discount ¥3500 Door
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  • Slikback / Intergalactic Gary, Oliver Hafenbauer - Flyer front
    Slikback / Intergalactic Gary, Oliver Hafenbauer - Flyer back