Music Of Many Colours with Marcel Vogel, Dego, Love Injection

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    Studio: Marcel Vogel (Lumberjacks in Hell | Razor-N-Tape | Toy Tonics | Netherlands) Dazzle Drums (Block Party | Green Parrot Recording) T.P [Compilation Dance Session] Yu-ya, Hironori Fukuzumi Water Project × kalilou むぎちょこ (しげたそうし, KON THE FUNK) Oak (NYON, MAIKO) NAOTOSHI, Kyo, TAIHEI, Jasmine - House Session [Floor Creation Dancers] MOMC Dancers [Dancer Planning] million SITUATION [Lighting] Machida (LSW) Contact: Dego (2000 Black | UK) with JAZZY SPORT DANCERS SHOWHEY Kengo (Block Party) Phenol (RICEBALL | yygcru) HEAVEN (DISCOVERY) Foyer: Love Injection (Paul Raffaele & Barbie Bertisch | US) Ryo Nakahara (ranamusica) Sanche (Sharman) [Deco] Jambow! [Curry Stand] Spicehut [Coffee Stand] 中目黒LOUNGE [Photo] KEEE
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  • 『アムステルダム/ロンドン/NY――3都市のローカルミュージックが、東京のハウスで繋がる夜』 多種多彩な表現を一晩に凝縮しハウスミュージック本来の醍醐味を伝える、Dazzle Drumsが主宰するMusic Of Many Colours。第8回目の開催は、アムステルダム/ロンドン/NYの3都市からゲストアクトを招聘する。アムステルダムの音楽シーンに惹かれ移住し〈Lumberjacks in Hell〉を設立、粒子の荒いディスコとゴスペルをエディットした個性的な作風で次世代ディスコシーンから強い支持を受けるMarcel Vogel。ロンドンを拠点にドラムンベース創成期から現在までUKブラックミュージックのトップアーティストとして活躍し、待望の最新アルバム「TOO MUCH」を9月に発表するDego。70年代から培われたNYのダンスミュージックをカルチャーとともに伝承することで、一瞬の享楽だけでは補えないパーティの景色を紡ぎ直す、Love InjectionのPaulとBarbie。今回はFoyerフロアのみ21時からオープン、彼らにパーティ全体のオープニングを奏でてもらう。NYが大切にしてきた繊細に温められる“始まりの時間”を経て、それぞれの都市の音楽が、DJ/ダンサーで培われてきた東京のハウスシーンで繋がる特別な夜となる。 「Tokyo’s house scene will be painted by the colours of Amsterdam/London/NY」 Deeply rooted in house music, Music Of Many Colours provides a space for people to express themselves freely and experience the power of dance music. For its 8th edition, guests from 3 cities (Amsterdam/London/NY) will be the guests of honor. From Amsterdam, we have Marcel Vogel, the founder of〈Lumberjacks in Hell〉, known for his raw disco and gospel edits that are striking a chord with the new generation of the disco scene. The London-based Dego, one of the top artists that have been active since the drum n’ bass era to the most recent UK black music, returns in celebration of his new upcoming album release of「TOO MUCH」. Hailing from NY, Love Injection (Paul and Barbie), with the knowledge of NY’s dance music and culture that has been passed down since the 70’s, will take the decks. This evening, navigated by Love Injection, Foyer floor will open from 21:00 where you’ll be able to experience the colours of NY from the beginning. Tokyo’s house scene will be united each city bringing the people, DJs, and dancers closer together. Open 9PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥1000 Before 10PM ¥2500 GH S Members ¥3000 w/Flyer ¥3000 FB Discount ¥3500 Door
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  • Music Of Many Colours with Marcel Vogel, Dego, Love Injection - Flyer front
    Music Of Many Colours with Marcel Vogel, Dego, Love Injection - Flyer back