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    Studio: Shinichi Osawa 80KIDZ Seiho -DJ Set Keisuke Matsuoka (Re:ception) Contact: Monkey Timers (DISKO KLUBB) ホワイトタイガー Kazuma Takahashi Kenta Cats YAMARCHY (DISKO KLUBB) Satoshi Miya (BROKEN SPORT | Brighton Studio DAIKANYAMA) Kataoka (Key Toy's Crew) Foyer: avion (INTENTION) Chihiro Yusa Gohlem Hiroco Hiroshi Sato kow 3LCH.
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  • 『シーンの垣根を越えて活躍を続ける80KIDZ主催パーティ』 様々なシーンやジャンルの垣根を越えて活躍する80KIDZの主催パーティMISSIONが、6回目の開催を迎える。 Shin Sakiura「Crusin」をニュージャック・スウィング風にエディットして音楽性の幅をあらためて証明した80KIDZや、ディスコダブに端を発しつつも貪欲にあらゆる音楽を取り入れる新世代筆頭の注目株MONKEY TIMERSを中心に、今回もエレクトロニックミュージックとポップカルチャーの両面にアプローチする豪華なアクトがラインナップ! 蜷川実花監督作品『ダイナー』のサウンドトラックで切れ味のあるエレクトロニックミュージックを担当したShinichi Osawaに加え、Shy Girls「Hallelujah」のリミックスのほか、文化庁メディア芸術祭でパフォーマンスを行うなど、マルチな芸術性を発揮し続けるSeihoが出演する。いたずらに実験的になり過ぎることなく、最先端のトレンドと高度なテクニックをポップに昇華するニクいセンスの持ち主たちが、令和の夏を盛り上げる! 「The scene-straddling 80KIDZ gather link-minded talents under one roof」 With the Japanese duo at its helm, Mission will make a return for the 6th instalment. The recent months saw them bearing another testament to their musical breadth with a new jack swing edit for Shin Sakiura's "Crusin" while Monkeytimers, another regular duo, continue channelling an omnivorous appetite for a variety of styles into their disco dub root. For this particular night, they will be providing a splendid array of talents that straddle electronic music and pop culture. Shinichi Osawa is a highly-acclaimed veteran producer behind Mondo Grosso and more recently the soundtrack for Mika Ninagawa's Diner movie, where he demonstrates his razor-sharp electronic productions. Seiho just had a fruitful month in June as the Japanese interdisciplinary artist created a sun-kissed summery remix for Shy Girls' "Hallelujah" and made an appearance at Japan Media Arts Festival. For all their advanced technique, they never appear inaccessible thanks to an acute sense to distil it with the latest trends into pop dynamism that promises to mark this first Reiwa summer as a memorable one. Open 10PM ¥1000 Before 11PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥2500 GH S Members ¥2500 w/Flyer ¥2500 FB Discount ¥3000 Door
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      Before 11PM ¥1000 | Under 23 ¥1000 | GH S Members ¥2500 | w/Flyer ¥2500 | FB Discount ¥2500 | Door ¥3000
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