Roundhouse Feat. Mark Farina

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    Studio: Mark Farina (Mushroom Jazz | Great Lakes Audio | San Francisco) -House Set Remi (ROUNDHOUSE | THE OATH) Eugene Kelly MEGUMILK (Release) Contact: Mark Farina -Mushroom Jazz Set Force of Nature -Hip Hop Set haraguchic (FreedomSunset) Wataru Sakuraba U-T (bamboo) Foyer: - Deus Subterra - Moodman (Godfather | Slowmotion) [email protected] -Live Session push.. DJs (DJ Dante, paul T, DJ Kazuki, Rews) 焚火dub (Tyme. | DJ Jyotaro) Gomez (Face To Face) Kota [Food] Bahama Kitchen produced by PRIMITIVE INC.
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  • 『魂の解放者Mark Farina、2年振りの来日』 5年前にスタートしたパーティROUNDHOUSEが最初に迎えたゲストDJでもあり、象徴的存在でもあるMARK FARINAが2年振りに日本へと戻ってくる。シカゴ生まれサンフランシスコ育ちの音楽は、ハウスが生まれた都市ならではの初期衝動溢れるエネルギーと、西海岸特有の乾いた質感を併せ持つ、MARK FARINAならでは。魂の解放者とも言われるそのスタイルは既に誰にも真似できない境地に到達している。幾度も共演を重ねてきた日本屈指のシカゴハウス愛好家REMIも抜群の相性をみせてくれるだろう。さらにダウンテンポなサウンドを紡ぐMARK FARINAの別プロジェクトMushroom JazzもContactエリアで特別に披露される。FORCE OF NATUREによるヒップホップのセットも往年のファンには垂涎ものだ。またFoyerエリアではMARK FARINAも共振するサーフカルチャーを背景に持つDeus Ex Machinaがオーガナイズ。これからはじまる夏の熱気をいち早く感じられるパーティとなるだろう。 文:大山陽一 (PRIMITIVE INC.) 「Soul liberator Mark Farina returns for the first time in 2 years」 5 years ago ROUNDHOUSE began its journey with its first guest Mark Farina. The symbolic figure returns for the first time in 2 years. Born in Chicago and raised in San Fransisco, he brings the energy of the early days of Chicago house along with the distinct West Coast vibe, a style that is in his own and cannot be replicated by others. Japan’s Chicago house lover REMI has shared the decks with Mark Farina in past years and makes for an outstanding pick for this occasion. Mark Farina will also be playing in the Contact floor as his infamous downtempo project Mushroom Jazz. FORCE OF NATURE will be performing a rare hip hop set to compliment Mark’s Mushroom Jazz set. Deus Ex Machina, with roots in the surf culture and has gained the support of Mark Farina, will organize the Foyer floor. Bound to be a party that brings the summer heat to the crowd. Open 10PM ¥1000 Under 23 ¥2000 Before 11PM ¥2800 GH S Members ¥3300 w/Flyer ¥3300 FB Discount ¥3800 Door
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      Under 23 ¥1000 | Before 11PM ¥2000 | GH S Members ¥2800 | w/Flyer ¥3300 | FB Discount ¥3300 | Door ¥3800
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