sea of green'19

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    The Orb(Live), Marc Houle(Live) , Tobi Neumann , Arno aka Einzelkind , Traumer , John Beltran(Live &DJ), Licaxxx , Traumer , Takkyu Ishino, Felipe Valenzuela、Meat , DATS , TENDRE , Black Boboi , 韻シスト , GEZAN, kenmochi hidefumi, YeYe, DALLJUBSTEP CLUB, TAN IKEDA, DJちょうどいいPAELLAS, yahyel .Laxenanchaos , jizue, あらかじめ決められた恋人たちへ ーLIVE PAINTー 長尾健一郎、HAMADARAKA, , 沖真秀, Hiraprr Wilson and more......
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  • The festival will be on same venue from last year, Manahime lake park. you can enjoy music and dance without heat as the temperature at venue is 5-8 degrees lower than city. We have 2 floor for this year, band and dance stages and some work shop for art, yoga and vegan food. Please check detail at our official website.
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