Alva Noto DJ Set in Tokyo

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    Studio: Alva Noto DJ Set (Carsten Nicolai) Kyoka -Live Iori (Semantica | Field Records) Contact: Sapphire Slows (Nous | Kaleidoscope) Qmico (QUALIA) Kai Galactic (DAYBREAK | UNISENSE | FUSION)
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  • 『Raster-Notonのボスが創造する熱狂の空間』 研ぎ澄まされた電子音が飛び交う圧巻のライヴで過去に何度も日本のオーディエンスを沸かしてきたAlva Notoが、なんとスペシャルなDJセットでContactに初登場! 長年、坂本龍一とのコラボレーション・パートナーとしても知られるAlva Notoは、映画『レヴェナント: 蘇えりし者』で共作したサウンドトラックがゴールデングローブ賞にノミネートされるなど、今なお第一線で活動を続ける電子音楽家だ。日本では貴重な機会となる今回のDJセットで、一体どのような空間を創り上げるのか? ぜひとも現場に足を運んでみてほしい。 共演には、アンビエントアルバム「Cold Radience」でエレクトロニックミュージックの深い表現力を証明してみせたIORIが参加。EPを中心にサイケデリックなテクノトラックも世に送り出している彼の幅広い音楽性も要チェックだ。〈Nous〉や〈BIG LOVE Records〉で披露しているドリーミーな作風とは対照的に、身体を揺さぶる強烈なDJセットをくみ上げるSapphire SlowsもContactフロアに登場。“アノ人”のシークレットライヴについては続報を待て! 「Raster-Noton's boss whips Contact into an electronic-driven frenzy」 Having sent the Japanese audiences into a frenzy of excitement with his crafted razor-sharp electronic live performance in the last two decade, Alva Noto will make his long-awaited debut at Contact with a special DJ set. Known as a long-time collaborative partnership with Ryuichi Sakamoto, recent years saw the German producer stay at the forefront with their soundtrack for the Revenant nominated for a Golden Globe award. For Japan, this is going to be a rare chance to experience his DJ set that only heightens a sheer amount of expectation. The only way to experience it firsthand is indeed come down to the dance floor. Rightly stepping up for this special night is Raster Noton's Japanese affiliate Kyoka, who will be bringing the audience up to date with her latest live performance. Alongside the German-Japan electronic axis is Iori, whose Cold Radiance ambient album and a handful of EPs proved his extensive expressive craftsmanship, providing must-see moments. The Contact floor will welcome Sapphire Slows. Her visceral selections, which make a marked contrast to her dreamy productions for Nous and Big Love Records, will create an inspiring space. Open 6:30PM - Close 11PM ¥2500 (+1D ¥600) GH S Members ¥2500 (+1D ¥600) Advance ¥2500 (+1D ¥600) FB Discount ¥3000 (+1D ¥600) Door
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      GH S Members ¥2500 (+1D ¥600) | Advance ¥2500 (+1D ¥600) | FB Discount ¥2500 (+1D ¥600) | Door ¥3000 (+1D ¥600)
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