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    Studio: XDB (Metrolux | Sistrum Recordings) KABUTO (DAZE OF PHAZE | LAIR) Shinya Okamoto (Foureal Records) Contact: Andy Vaz (Yore | Background | Sound Variaton | A Touch Of Class | Germany) NOP You Me (Browny | Forestlimit) Naoki (Workshop) Takehiro. (Telomere | TLMR)
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  • 『意識をディープにハメていく2人の老練ハウス/テクノDJが登場』 旧来のシカゴハウスやデトロイトテクノの影響をモダンに表現した独自のタッチで00年代以降の地下サウンドに新機軸を打ち立てたXDBが、Studio Xフロアに出演! 自身の〈Metrolux〉を筆頭に、〈Sistrum〉〈Dolly〉〈Echocord〉〈Ferox〉といったレーベルからディープな高揚を演出する燻し銀の4つ打ちトラックを発表してきたプロデューサーが東京の夜を揺るがす。XDBの音楽センスがひときわ輝きを放つ瞬間がDJだ。シカゴとデトロイトのサウンド史を熟知し、新旧のリリースをシームレスに混ぜ合わせるセットは、この日のフロアでも大いにオーディエンスの心を打つだろう。共演するKabutoも同様のアツいファンクを紡ぎあげる。 そして、Contactフロアに登場するのがAndy Vazだ。2000年前後のミニマルテクノ黄金期を支えたレーベル〈Background〉では数々の先駆的な作品を世に送り出し、〈Yore Records〉からのリリースでクラシックなハウス/テクノへの回帰をいち早く予見してみせた彼の才覚に心を躍らされた人は数知れず。現在も〈Chiwax〉などからディープなサウンドを提唱し続けているAndy Vazの最新セットは注目だ。 「A night of immersive house and techno from two master craftsmen」 Kosta Athanassiadis has been quietly championing the highest quality house and techno as XDB for many years. His Metrolux label was the first spring board for his production career, but he’s since graced the likes of Sistrum, Dolly, Echocord and Ferox with a distinctive take on the deeper end of the 4/4 dance spectrum. It’s as a DJ that XDB truly shines, expounding a vast knowledge of classic Detroit and Chicago sounds and merging vintage material with modern releases seamlessly. His technically flawless, heartfelt style will bloom as he takes control of the Studio X Floor, with ample support from Kabuto, former Future Terror resident and responsible for the respected Daze Of Phaze parties, who will be bringing equally warm funk to the night. On the Contact floor, we’re thrilled to host the mighty Andy Vaz. With a legacy that reaches back to the peak minimal techno years with his groundbreaking Background Records label, Vaz has constantly pushed himself artistically and as a vital cog in the electronic music scene. His Yore Records imprint pre-figured the revival of classic house and techno, and he continues to champion the deepest, truest strains of the culture via releases on Chiwax and elsewhere. Open 10PM ¥1000 Before 11PM ¥2000 Under 23 ¥2500 GH S Members ¥3000 w/Flyer ¥3000 FB Discount ¥3500 Door
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