Horst Arts & Music Festival 2019

  • From 2014 to 2018, Horst Arts & Music took place on the idyllic Castle grounds in Holsbeek. It grew into an internationally renowned platform for showcasing cutting-edge electronic music, inventive in-situ art, and architecture. Horst aligned a three-day immersive music festival with longer-term trajectories in which architects were invited to create unique stages and dancefloors, and in which contemporary artists were commissioned to enter into dialogue with their surroundings through site-specific new productions. This new chapter builds on the insights from over the past five years but touches wider than ever before. As a first expression of our new ambitions, Horst will unfold into a cutting-edge Lab, an Exhibition with new in-situ artwork and a three-day Festival momentum. With these initiatives, we strive to further develop young and creative talent and positively impact spaces and cities where we operate.
  • Horst Arts & Music Festival 2019 - Flyer front